Panasonic KX-NS500

The global trend in the area is to unify all communication media to interact with each other seamlessly and transparently.The Panasonic KX-NS500 VOIP Pabx offers a complete set of functions and telephony communications network for small and medium enterprises, with a wide range of fixed and wireless terminals, headsets and softphones. System resources can be improved  and licenses to meet the needs of organizations with one or several locations.

Panasonic KX-NS500 has advanced features, starting from 6 analog lines and 18 extensions up to 288 extensions with Expansion Unit. Panasonic NS500 Iis a unified communication system with VOIP  features such as mobile communication, email and integrated voicemail, instant messaging (chat) and presence information. You can also use integrated applications like Call Center, mobile solutions and VM systems that provide greater efficiency and increase the level of customer satisfaction.

The Panasonic KX-NS500 Pabx system in flexible and can be configured to suit the needs and growth of a Company.The initial configuration of the KX-NS500 offers six analog trunks and 18 extensions, and it  can grow up to 190 trunks with 288 extensions, as well as  a system of unified communications.

Panasonic KX-NS500 - replaces the entire family of IP-PBX KX-TDA/TDE/NCP. Panasonic KX-NS500 - a station that combines the physical capacity of ATS series KX-TDA100/200, KX-TDE100/200, KX-TDA100D and IP-capacity series KX-TDE/KX-NCP, as well as a full functional speech processor KX-TVM200 with the possibility of powerful contact center.

Panasonic KX-NS500  is a powerful IP-PBX, combining traditional voice communication technology, ie analogue and ISDN lines with a modern and forward-looking IP-telephony. Therefore it is an ideal solution for customers who have older type PBX and want to upgrade their communications systems. Installing the Panasonic KX-NS500 does not require any investment in existing IT-infrastructure, and keep investment (PBX supports the old analog, digital and IP-phones). Client receives simultaneously access the advanced features with the possibility of the telephone system in the direction of modern IP-telephony. This is a cost effective solution for companies seeking to introduce a reliable and modern communication systems.

This solution is designed to offer technologically advanced system of communications to small, medium and large organizations. In the base KX-NS500 supports 18 users and is easily expandable, for large and growing companies. It is highly scalable and cost-effective solution.IP-platform KX-NS500 has built-in routing calls to small and medium-sized call-centers. This function can be used without external CTI-server. More efficient processing of incoming calls allows to improve the quality of customer service. Moreover on the basis of this function, you can create more complex solutions for call-centers, which can be used voicemail, Communication Assistant application and CTI- third party applications.

Panasonic KX-NS500 integrated server Communication Assistant (CA) - productivity software that provides an intuitive interface that combines the rich functionality of the call communication Assistant. Communication Assistant is a suite of CTI-applications and the multi-functional software that allows you to receive and process calls, and manage many other functions. Panasonic IP-PBX using the convenient and intuitive interface. Communication Assistant helps users maximize organize their work with colleagues, partners and clients. It allows you as efficiently and effectively use the services and options IP-platform (IP-PBX) - KX-NS500.

KX-NS500 supports standard IP-SIP-terminals and terminals, which are ideal for the optimization of business communications, and a wide variety of wired and wireless terminals, softphones. Moreover, recent models of digital and IP-terminals improve the quality of communication, providing HD-superior sound.

Panasonic  KX-NS500 provides users with opportunities in terms of messaging. Using the built-in concept of Unified Messaging, the user can take voice and fax messages in several ways: as attachments to e-mail messages  or with the help of the Communication Assistant in Outlook. Thus, for listening to messages, users can use phones and PCs.

Built-in voicemail able to receive incoming calls, record messages and conversations, in addition, it provides management mailboxes with mobile phone. The system comes with a storage capacity sufficient for a two-hour dual-channel voice recording. With the activation keys and extra memory recording time can be increased up to 400 hours (and 24 channels).

KX-NS500 provides functional integration of mobile subscribers. This allows mobile phones to work as extensions PBX, and effectively use all the ATS regardless of the location of the subscriber.

KX-NS500 provides to multilateral audio conferences with high sound quality. KX-NS500 includes advanced call routing functions for small and medium call-centers. To meet the increasingly complex requirements for call processing system, you can use third-party CTI-applications that are compatible with Panasonic KX-NS500.

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